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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Waiting for the dentist

Kindle Countdown deal
Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy) is about to be available for download... scheduled for the 22 Sept 2015 for a limited period only.
Due to time differences between the USA and UK,  it is scheduled but not yet active GRRRRR!

Well that is what I thought but because I am in the UK and not USA, I cannot see that the offer is on... so wait no more - download a great book today

Mental Dental (MBP) is an ingenious and entertaining read with characters that could prove to be your worst nightmare.
Help Dr Jessie Stack establish the truth, detect the crimes and assist in solving them.

If you do not enjoy gong to the dentist now, I promise you will be even more cautious after reading this Killer Thriller.

Here is the link for it folks... MD (MBP)