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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Potential crime, suspense movie waiting to be made

If I could write a script, I'd put my time and effort on Mental Dental (MBP)
It's got all the ingredients for a box office smasher.

Ingenuity, strong story, composition, deep evil, realistically frightening characters and although it is a work of fiction, is it too far removed from the truth?

The Usual Suspects meets Dentistry.
An enthralling and entangling story line dotted with clever deaths and psychopathic shenanigans that need to be stopped.

A unique story that will keep you guessing and hooked from start to finish.
The main character of the story struggles against all odds to overcome her status of murder suspect to Heroine.
This is a nail biting thriller full of twists and turns, one you need to get your teeth into to (pun intended).
Following the sudden and unexpected death of a patient on the dentist chair in her practice, Dr Jessie Stack is facing her worst nightmare. Discredited and facing incarceration, she has to try and fathom out what really happened,
Accused of murder, her world in a spin...

If there is a producer out there looking for a story to script, this is it

Judge for yourselves.... Murder mystery