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Thursday, 2 June 2016

A thinkers book that's on offer in a few hours

Starts in seven hours... Unmistakable and unmissable 

A complex story written for thinkers 

A fantastic book that cannot be overlooked

Bugs galore, should be a favourite with Australian readers... 


This is a complex and thrilling story with two sub plots that run concurrently.
It is a blend of myth, humanity and legend with a hint of perplexity that excites the mind.
One story is about a Cockroach phobic man who fathoms out a solution to his phobia, to rid the world of cockroaches. The other is about a woman whose chance discovery interacts with the first plot, resulting in explosive repercussions.
Are cockroaches really our safeguard from an even worse evil?
Is Mother Nature’s plan to have these or was it a mistake?
The extinction of roaches causes the resurgence of an evil that was quashed once. Now pets have started to disappear without a trace, crops being devoured and people are being hurt.
The risks to humanity are quickly mounting up...
Is there a way to halt this destruction?
Join the characters in their struggle to return balance to nature and find out if this is achieved

Is this the start of the end, an apocalyptic hint to mankind’s extinction?
Can nature’s equilibrium be restored?
An original story which makes this book a unique read that addresses themes that are paramount if we intend to survive…

Kindle Countdown Deal on and for this thrilling ride into the fantasy world of Cockroaches, Atlantis and the edge of an apocalypse from 4th- 11th June

Where can you find it?
On my Amazon author page and on Lulu...