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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Mental Dental (MBP)

Mental Dental

Jessie Stack is an ordinary dentist in an ordinary situation who gets wrongly accused for the murder of a patient under her care. A patient suddenly dies in the dental surgery during a routine procedure. 

The ensuing investigation reveals that the patient died in the dental surgery, however, an open verdict is given.  Therefore, she is legally innocent, but being hounded by the press and her credibility is put to the test when patients no longer want to see her.

Jessie takes some time off and escapes to review her options and try and make sense of what has happened.  She comes from a long line of dentists and uses her influence to a crude investigative hunch to examine deaths in dental surgeries in the UK.  Through her research and access to privileged information gained through her contacts, she establishes that there have been 18 deaths in the last 12 years in dentistry and examines the information to reveal a very loose thread. 

The thread is that there are clusters of deaths, 3 people have died across different area / towns / cities / countries within the UK in a short period of time, they have died horrifically and within dental surgeries, seemingly by otherwise innocent dentists but the deaths are not seen as suspicious or connected. 

Each death has no connection or obvious motive but they fast become more daring and more horrific

The deaths occur in Scotland, England and Wales. They occur sporadically in clusters of 3 every few years. Because of the geographical spread, the crimes have been undetected and never connected, but she has a few suspicions that are confirmed when she establishes there are 3 killer dentists, 1 female and 2 males that are killing people across the UK. Jessie Stack uncovers that this is a sick game they have played since qualifying as dentists, one is a psychopath, the other a weak nerd and the female is an evil nymphomaniac.  However, this is not revealed until quite late on.

By the time she finishes her own investigation, and she has the evidence to support the allegation, she needs to tell the police, nevertheless, she has obtained the information through illegal means, therefore she has to tread carefully to disseminate the information without any comeback to her or her sources.

The Police agree to deal with the investigation results, furthermore as the deaths have occurred in such diverse places, they need to work across all affected areas of the UK and seem to do their own investigative work and assure Jessie is not implicated. This takes a little time to establish and during this time another patient is killed.

By this point, they have evidence and CCTV footage to implicate one of the suspects, who then reveals the plot.  They arrest the other two. When the arrests are made they find a secret bunker / basement full of files and video footage where they have recorded their misadventures and further evidence of killings, the builders they hired to dig this secret bunker.

It transpires they have been awarding themselves points for killing patients, additions for making it horrific, not getting caught.  Thereafter, having an orgy as a final reward every time they complete a cluster of deaths, filming their perversions for their own pleasure.

The moral of the story, if any, crime does not pay, all get caught eventually and the innocent will be vindicated. From prime suspect to heroine.

It also intonates that dentistry, however painful,  should not cause fatalities....

Unique, original and a memorable read...