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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Don't forget about My Lulu Author page

I realise I have not put any emphasis on my Lulu Author page since starting this blog.
Lulu allowed me to publish for free however it's then up to me, the author,  to market my wares... 
Phobic wars and Mental Dental (MBP) were published via Lulu.

Here is the link Authors spotlight
I don't have my ebooks available on this site,  just 2 of my paperback books.
I was conversing with my wife this evening about ebooks and paperbacks.
She prefers a good old fashioned paper based read...  The smell,  feel, reflection and real reading experience.

I like paperbacks,  even though the profits are better on electronic versions but it's not all about the money!!

What ever you choose,  enjoy reading and immersing yourself in a world of imagination,  a chance to release yourself into one of my stories and be thrilled