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Friday, 17 May 2013

Only a few days until the AARP conference in Las Vegas

Not long now until the AARP conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.
This is your chance to get a copy of my book 'Legally Lucky'.

It's been compared to the likes of' Slum Dog Millionaire' and ' The pursuit of happiness'.. I think it's a moving story that should kick start the reader into pursuing a great life and not chasing financial security only. 
Most of all,  it's a short tale that is a roller coaster ride of the ups and downs of being rich...  I guess!!!

I aspire to many things as well as being financially solvent.  I would certainly not be adverse to having a few millions.

It tells us that it is good to pursue your dreams, hopes and aspirations (incidentally this was the working title). However, it also reminds us not to put our lives on hold and live life in full and savour every moment.

Remember to drop by the Authorhouse stand and ask for your copy.

Enjoy the conference and relax with your copy of Legally Lucky.