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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Swiss delights

Our youngest son and daughter in law have just moved to Switzerland.
We were over to see them and spent some great times there. 
We miss them, but they are safe, they are happy and they love being there... Big could not ask for more.
Zurich and it's suburbs. Beautiful countryside and a bustling city full of chocolate shops, watches and cafe's.
Sitting out, people watching and sipping our coffee, we could hear a multitude of languages. Tourists and ex-pats with no distinction.
But my attention was taken by the cars...  Wow.
Bentley, Ferrari, Masseratti, Lambo's, Jag's and Teslers.
The matt black sporty types with the 2 or 4 exhausts being my favourite ones,  as they roared and purred past us, displaying their sleek design and beauty.
Obviously lots of money in Zurich, 'Too rich'.
Next was the swimming in the Lake, wonderful, calm and temperate waters.
Not forgetting the food, lovely vegetarian restaurant called Hiltl. This was a new experience,  no not vegetarian cuisine...  they weigh your plate and you pay according to weight. Brilliant concept and delicious food.  Service was excellent, especially as you serve yourself...
All in all,  can't wait to go back...