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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Legally Lucky revisited weekly

Life is one big lottery and Legally Lucky, my first book addressed some of these aspects whereby one concentrates on financial success and stability as a marker of quality of life.
Many strive to make money to live and some aim to make it big, the bigger the better.
By this I mean that success and quality of life is quantifiable by the amounts of money in their bank accounts.

Now, if we are realistic, no one would say "No" to a large amount of money at their disposal... however happiness is measured in many ways.
If we look at the possible jackpot for Friday's EuroMillions draw which is a whopping £110,000,000 it would be life changing for anyone.
However, to me, quality of life is measured in special moments. these are precious moments with our loved ones. Yesterday evening, there was a lottery draw, I won nothing with my numbers but I was happy.
Happy to be surrounded by my wife, eldest son, daughter-in-law and my eldest grandson.
Seeing them bond, have fun and spend priceless time with them was equal to and better than having an obscene amount of money in the bank.
These moments cannot be bought.
They are happiness at their peak and precious.

Legally Lucky explored the true meaning of life and happiness. It challenged the modern idea of happiness based on finance and successfully described happiness as love & friendship with the aims of becoming rich being a secondary outcome.
Yes play the lottery but do not overlook how rich you are and live the moments.

Rich does not make happy...